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FONDA is a Kenyan registered consultancy firm that has a team of experts in the area of public health nutrition and partners with humanitarian and development organizations and governments through provision of specialized advisors.

-    Nutrition surveys using SMART etc
- Nutrition programme designs, monitoring and evaluations,
- Nutrition programme coverage surreys using methods like SQUEAC and CSAS,

- Trainings on public health software’s like EPI INFO,SPSS,STATA,GIS in public health.

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Coverage Investigation Somalia
The coverage investigation carried out by FONDA offered some insight into one of the biggest challenges facing integrated CMAM programmes: balancing impact with health system capacity... (Read More)

Coverage Investigation Burkina-Faso
A year after the first survey in Tapoa, a new SQUEAC coverage survey has been carried out. The results offer an insight into the challenges posed by national nutrition protocols... (Read More)

Coverage Investigation Monrovia , Liberia
The coverage investigation carried out by FONDA International and the MoH in Monrovia offered a unique opportunity to test the SQUEAC methodology in an urban environment... (Read More)

Regional SQUEAC training (Nairobi)
An introductory SQUEAC training was carried out by FONDA at their Regional Training Centre in Nairobi, Kenya on August 25th & 26th, 2011. The training was attended by field staff from FONDA International (Kenya & South Sudan), Concern Worldwide (Kenya) and Save the Children (Kenya & Ethiopia). The two-day event offered an introduction to key features of SQUEAC, including an overview of routine data analysis, common challenges and trends and known barriers and boosters to access. The training will be followed by on-the-job, remote support over the next few months.